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My name is Chris Irwin. I'm a retired Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, musician, and athlete among other things. I co-founded the first CrossFit gym in the Virgin Islands, served as President of Kill Cliff (a start-up beverage company) for five years, and now work in nonprofit as the Communications Director for the Navy SEAL Foundation. My music includes the soundtrack for the documentary "Murph: The Protector" which made the short list for the Academy Awards in 2013.

After my time in the military, I struggled with severe anxiety to the point that it caused debilitating physical symptoms at times.​ Then in 2016, an acute mold exposure sent my health off a cliff overnight. Suddenly, my body was constantly racked by pain. I was dizzy all the time and could no longer concentrate. I suffered from tremors, vision problems, ringing in my ears, and a slew of other terrifying sensations.


It took me over five years but I finally overcame this condition through sheer determination to "figure it out" which in the process became my personal mantra. Over the course of that journey I saw dozens of practitioners, ingested thousands of supplements, amassed hundreds of pages of lab results, read countless books, and tried all sorts of unorthodox treatments. Some of it helped a little. But the biggest breakthroughs, even from a chronic illness perspective, came after I started examining my own mind. When I began to understand how it was the source of the majority of my problems, and how I could make it the source of the solutions.

RARE SENSE is my attempt to share what I've learned with others. However, I don't claim to have the ability to treat or cure anything. I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist. I simply assert to be a sufferer who’s been down nearly every rabbit hole and tried almost any potential remedy over the last decade. I think that counts for something in the realm of credibility regarding the content I'm presenting here.

All that being said, RARE SENSE is not about me. We are far too concerned with our own recognition these days instead of advancing what we believe is right and useful.​ While credibility does matter, good or bad advice can truly come from anyone. Which means the person saying the words is largely irrelevant in most cases. Any concept should stand or fall on its inherent merits (or lack thereof), regardless of who expresses it. RARE SENSE is no different in this regard.


However, if you'd like to learn more about me and some of my other work, you can check out my personal website by clicking below.

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