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At its core, RARE SENSE is a mind fitness philosophy based on the idea that human performance starts with your mind. It's time we move beyond just "mental health" or "self care" to something more positive, proactive, and comprehensive. We must create and embrace a new paradigm when it comes to understanding the human condition, optimizing the human experience, and maximizing human potential. This requires constructing a new approach and method built on a foundation of mind fitness.

But RARE SENSE is as much about "we" as it is about "me." It applies to issues that affect our collective thinking as a species as well. Trends like our increasing penchant for sequacity, our declining commitment to basic human decency, and our propensity for anger, driven by physical isolation and ideological tribalism. Reversing course requires an intelligent conversation outside the domain of politicians and pundits. This can be done with a RARE SENSE mentality.

So let's start with the method and how we might construct a new paradigm for human performance.

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