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mind fitness | noun: mental capability across the breadth of human experience


RARE SENSE is a mental health theory and practice based on the idea that you can train your mind just like your body. Everybody understands that physical health exists on a spectrum. You can improve your fitness with proper diet, exercise, and recovery. But we think of mental health as a binary concept. Either you have "problems," or you don't. This is simply untrue. It exists on a continuum, and mind fitness can be developed like its somatic counterpart.


RARE SENSE was created by Chris Irwin, a Navy SEAL veteran who struggled with severe anxiety and chronic illness for over a decade post-service. Throughout this journey, he saw dozens of practitioners, ingested thousands of supplements, racked up hundreds of pages of lab results, read countless books, and tried all sorts of unorthodox treatments. It was an experience that taught him one critical lesson—the extent to which many of the solutions to my problems were within the power of his mind.

RARE SENSE represents the application of that key learning, based upon the best practices he found, into a structured and cohesive approach. Treating invisible wounds, decoding mysterious conditions, and ultimately thriving are all possible with the proper mental training regimen. However, creating one tailored to your needs can be daunting. RARE SENSE will help you figure it out.

RARE SENSE content is published via Substack and includes weekly exercises, monthly articles, book recommendations, and podcast episodes with industry professionals. If you are ready to start, check out the RARE SENSE Manifesto to learn more or subscribe by clicking below.

Your mind is both your greatest asset and biggest liability.

The extent to which it is one or the other is not a matter of chance but of training.

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